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South Africa’s Silver Creek Craft Distillery has introduced a new Margarita moonshine flavour to its range, and the new variant has already won its first prize – Gold at the 2018 SA Women’s Wine & Spirits Awards (SAWWA).

“In making the Margarita Moonshine, we wanted to create something laid-back and fun-loving. The classic Margarita, said to have first originated in a 1930s bar in Tijuana, was the inspiration,” says Silver Creek Craft Distillery founder and chief distiller Mark Taverner. “When you’re drinking our Margarita Moonshine, you’ll feel right there on an endless beach in Cancún or partying in one of the city’s most vibey nightclubs.”

Margarita Moonshine can be served the typical way, with crushed ice in a salt-rimmed glass and lime-wheel garnish (with a splash of quality soda for added zest); or, as a straight shooter.

It’s lime in both colour and taste, bringing a refreshing lime zing to the party, and it’s 24% alcohol.

The Margarita Moonshine joins the current lineup of moonshines, which include: Clear Shine, a smooth and genuine spirit with grain character; Charred Shine, which is similar in flavour to a good bourbon; and, Flavoured ‘Shines with essence made exclusively for the distillery, in the American state of Kentucky. The latter include Apple Pie Moonshine; Bon Fire Moonshine, with a zip of hot cinnamon; Salted Caramel Moonshine; and Chocolate Moonshine.

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