Rightsify, a global music licensing company based in California, has released a report on how sound affects the behaviour and mood of hotel guests. The report explains some of the psychological and physical effects of music and sound, and how these affect the mood and behaviour of hotel guests as well as employees.

The report also provides tips and techniques for hoteliers, GM’s, F&B Managers, Marketing Directors, and Operations Managers on how they can benefit and monetise on the sounds used in their hotel.

Here are a few highlights from the report:

A Blank Canvas

“Think of the soundscape of your hotel as a painting. In order to create something that can truly shine bright, you need to start with a blank canvas. In soundscaping, this means cleaning up your hotel from any harmful or unwanted sound. In the ideal world, the end result is a set of spaces in which all sound is valuable and all redundant noise is removed.”

In order to remove redundant noise, Rightsify suggests these interventions:

  • Vacuum when the majority of guests are out
  • Set the loud lobby phones to quiet
  • Use absorbing ceiling tiles wherever possible
  • Have a careful look at which doors and windows remain open and which do not
  • Consider noise levels when procuring systems such as airconditioners and appliances
  • Opt for thick, heavy drapes and carpets to absorb more noise

“You will notice that the atmosphere becomes significantly more pleasant and relaxing which will result in happier guests and more productive employees,” concludes the report.

Halo Effect

The report also discusses the halo effect and how it’s one of the reason that music in hotels is so important. The halo effect is where one cue is used to make an overall judgement. As the world is complex, we take mental shortcuts to manage our surroundings – an assertive person is a good leader and a person in a lab coat is trustworthy.

So how does the halo effect apply to music in hotels? “Your guests cannot close their ears when entering your hotel. So providing them with a strong indicator of what you are all about, in the form of music, is a great idea. Is your hotel a soothing oasis where people can hide away from the busy daily life? Find music that communicates that feeling. Are you the most hip and happening venue in your city? Play music that leaves no doubt about it. It will help cement your desired image from the very moment of entry, until checkout.”

The full report, which is definitely worth a read, is available here to download.