Set to delight travellers is Henry’s, a boutique hotel collaborating with the best the Melville community has to offer.

This beautifully designed and appointed accommodation embodies what notable vacations centre around – discovery. The hotel is unique to its setting, telling a singular story of one of the city’s most popular tourist destinations, Melville.

Guests will experience a space in which to relax and enjoy the excitement, history & diversity of Johannesburg in the cultural heart of Melville. Henry’s aims to offer honest hospitality, the finest accommodation featuring the best of South African design, and an unrivalled magnificent 360° view of the Johannesburg skyline, all just a stone’s throw from the inner city.

The hotel quite literally tells the story of its surroundings, offering visitors to consume Melville in its entirety – whether through locally sourced art and design elements or coffee, meals and chocolates made exclusively in the surrounding area.

It allows travellers to soak up the uniqueness of an Urban African Safari amidst historical buildings and destination restaurants, starting with a quiet, comfortable place to rest their heads.

Henry’s is located at 10 Seventh Street, Melville, and is set to open in the final quarter of 2017.