Unframed Ice Cream in Cape Town has added 24 new ice cream flavours to its line-up, which will be introduced throughout the summer period. The 24 new flavours include 20 vegan variants that feature both nut-based ice creams as well as seasonal fruit-based sorbets.

“For this season, we focused on summery fruits for our new sorbets and worked very hard to create unbelievable vegan versions of some of our most popular dairy flavours to keep all of our loyal plant-based ice cream lovers happy,” Yann Rey, owner of Unframed.

Flavours include: Passion fruit (dairy and vegan), Hazelnut (vegan), Almond (vegan),  Pistachio (vegan), Mango Passion fruit Cayenne Pepper (sorbet), Pineapple Red Pepper Lime (sorbet), Chocolate Passion Fruit (vegan), Mango Kalamansi (sorbet), Lychee (vegan and dairy), Avocado Green Apple & Lime (sorbet), Kefir Amarena (dairy), Honey (dairy), Raspberry Beetroot (sorbet), Apricot Bergamot (sorbet), Strawberry Celery (sorbet), Zesty Lemon (vegan), Chocolate Tahini (vegan), Caramel miso (vegan and dairy), as well as new and improved Coffee (vegan), Caramel (vegan), and Black Currant (sorbet).

Unframed Ice Cream has two branches – one in Kloof Street and the other at the V&A Waterfront. For more information, visit the Unframed website.