What? The rock star meal, brunch is traditionally served between 11 and 1. It’s a creative breakfast, for guests who are looking for something more than just breaking their fasts, but with a few more menu boundaries than lunch. In a nutshell, brunch sees chefs taking the elements of breakfast and serving them in creative ways.

Why? Brunch is an experience, not just a meal. Also, our weather is wonderful, so it’s not hard to see why brunch is popular – it’s a great excuse to spend more time out and about, meeting friends and lingering over a luxurious meal that blends the best of breakfast and lunch. And let’s not forget that restaurant breakfast-staples bacon and eggs are guest favourites, so any opportunity to eat them are grabbed, especially when they’re innovatively prepared. Brunch is a great way to get people through the door in the late morning, using relatively affordable ingredients, and offering a meal to those who want to experience your restaurant but can’t necessarily afford the dinner service.

Get Creative: Use the framework of breakfast and expand on the concept a bit more – so showcase eggs in different dishes such as souped up Eggs Benedict, Shakshuka or Huevos Rancheros. Zhoozsh up French Toast with interesting savoury and sweet ingredients and different breads, go crazy with crumpets and other baked goodies, and take a fresh look at oats, hash browns and all the classic breakfast items that can be used in a new and interesting way.

Where can I try it? Pot Luck Club is renowned for their fabulous brunch spread – divided into breakfast, lunch and then Sunday roast, it covers all the bases whilst still having fun and staying true to the Pot Luck Club brand. Better yet, there’s a Build Your Own Bloody Mary station with flavoured vodkas, a variety of toppings such as candied bacon and prawns, and two different types of tomato sauce.