What? Over the top and often ridiculous, Freakshakes are decadent milkshakes in a variety of on-trend flavours, topped with ALL the toppings. Usually served in a glass or jar and on a plate or a board, the surface of the milkshake is piled high with ice cream or whipped cream, swirled with sauces and topped with items such as pretzels, biscuits, chocolates and sweets – anything that’s delicious, complements the milkshake and looks tempting. Even doughnuts and brownies have been known to top the insane milkshakes.

Why? Freakshakes have become a bucket list food item. They’re immensely photogenic, and pictures of the gargantuan milkshakes have been hitting newsfeeds and making people all around the world envious. Everyone loves a milkshake, and these are particularly bragworthy. And obviously, the fact that they’re piled high with goodies makes them  tempting to guests

Get Creative: Firstly, choose an interesting flavour combination to start off with and then make sure that your milkshake is uber-thick. Make a complementary sauce and swirl that inside the milkshake, then use again in the toppings and on the rim of the jar if you want to adhere sweets or chocolates onto the edge. Pile whipped cream or ice cream high onto the surface of the milkshake, trying to get it as high as possible, and then add whichever items you think would go well with the milkshake – pretzels, chocolate bark, sweets, brownies, pastries – anything goes. Place the milkshake on a board or plate and, if you want, drizzle the sauce or encourage the whipped cream to melt slightly down the side of the glass to create messy decadence.

Where can I try it? My Sugar in Cape Town is first and foremost dedicated to chocolate, with rows of handmade chocolates on display, but the establishment added Freakshakes to its restaurant menu which have turned out to be extremely popular. Some of the milkshake flavours include Miso Caramel, Cookie Butter, Coffee, Butterscotch Popcorn and Caramelised Coconut, and toppings often include the handmade chocolates on offer. In Johannesburg, Craft restaurant in Parkhurst also offers Freakshakes – flavours include The Candy Feast, which is pink and topped with candyfloss, Chocolate Overload, and Salted Caramel Delight.