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We’re in the midst of the busy summer season, which means that if you work in a kitchen, there’s no time to spare! Nola Mayonnaise is lending a hand with these top tips for when you’re under the pump this busy season.


A quick, no-nonsense way to get spices and flavourings to adhere to the surface of ingredients before grilling or roasting. Simply mix Nola Mayonnaise with flavourings of your choice before coating meat or vegetables, then cooking.

Check out this recipe for Devilled Baby Potatoes that uses this technique.


Use mayonnaise as the base for your marinade – you can marinate the items for at least half an hour beforehand to let the flavours infuse. The mayonnaise doesn’t impart its own flavour but lets the other ingredients shine.

This recipe for Tandoori-style Fish wonderfully showcases the marination properties of Mayonnaise: 

Toasted Sandwiches

In the crunch of service time, mistakes happen. Using mayonnaise to coat the outside of your sandwiches before placing them in the sandwich press not only stalls burning but it gives your sandwich an even golden-brown.

Try this recipe for a Cubano sandwich, where Nola Ultra Creamy is used both inside and outside the sandwich.

Thickening sauces

There’s not always time to reduce or thicken sauces and stews, so adding a dollop or two of mayonnaise will do the trick nicely, without dulling flavours.

Grilled Meat

Mayonnaise adheres really well to meat, so swipe a thin layer of mayonnaise onto the surface of meat before grilling. There’s less of a chance that the meat will stick to the cooking surface, and great flavour on the surface of the meat due to better caramelisation.

Prepare salads beforehand

Prepare mayonnaise-based salads in advance using Nola Reduced Oil Salad Dressing, which has been specially developed for this use. There’s no separation, so it can be used in salads in advance, and it binds salads beautifully.

Take a look at this recipe for Mediterranean Pasta Salad.


Cut out a step or two when making cakes or flapjacks by replacing oil/butter and eggs with Nola Mayonnaise. Not only does it save time, but it creates a wonderful texture in your baked goods – a beautifully fudgey texture in chocolate cakes and makes light-as-anything flapjacks!