More than simply a wine and food loving community that is informal, fun and unpretentious, Come Wine With Us is the ‘ultimate foodie experience’. It brings together wine estates, restaurants and patrons, with a shared passion for good food and wine – and those who love ‘the finer things in life’. Founded in 2012 by Sybil Doms, with her extensive background in food and wine, the company comes from humble beginnings. Five years ago, with Sybil having given up her freelance work and unhappy with a permanent retail position she’d taken, she was desperate to get back into food and wine.

At the time, Sybil’s aunt asked for her advice. She sent Sybil six bottles of wine and asked for her ideas on what canapés she could serve with the wines. Sybil worked out the menu, invited some foodie friends around, they loved it… and Come Wine With Us was born. “This year, we have events in March in Cape Town and Johannesburg, and in May in Durban and Pretoria, plus more events throughout the year,” says Sybil. 

The success of the business speaks for itself: it is a brilliant networking opportunity, with people who all share the same passion. “Many people religiously come to our events and today, the business is snowballing; people feel proud to associate with our brand, but mostly love to feel part of this passionate foodie community,” she says. Given the success – including a partnership with Zomato this year − Sybil has big plans for the company. “In the future, I would like to align with other alcohol brands such as whiskey, vodka and brandy”.

Going forward, Sybil’s aim is to make CWWU a ‘Proudly South African community’ – and take it overseas. “South African wines definitely don’t have enough exposure overseas; our local wines are fighting for shelf space, as Italian, French and Spanish wines dominate the overseas market. I want to create an emotional experience for overseas wine lovers to fall in love with South African wine and ultimately, to explore the South African wine regions and boost local tourism,” she says. “It’s interesting to note that the overseas market – particularly wine brands in Napa Valley – have been (virtually) watching our events very closely and doing similar things overseas. Concludes Sybil: “I am flattered that they are taking inspiration from our events. We must be doing something right!”

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