At an award ceremony held this evening (19 June), it was announced that Chef Luke Dale-Roberts’ The Test Kitchen was placed 50th at the awards and no. 1 on the African Continent. Dale Roberts is ecstatic about the award, saying “My team and I have taken some risks over the last year and worked extremely hard to evolve The Test Kitchen to what it is today. It’s thrilling that it has paid off. I am so proud of what we have achieved with The Test Kitchen and that is has a well-deserved spot on the world food stage.”

Academy Chair for the region Africa & Indian Ocean Islands for The World’s 50 Best Restaurant Awards sponsored by S.Pellegrino & Acqua Panna is Capetonian Tamsin Snyman. She comments: “Crashing back onto the list of The World’s 50 Best Restaurant Awards is exactly what The Test Kitchen needs to be doing. This is by no means an easy achievement, given that, along with India, we are the two geographical regions in the world that receive the least amount of traveling voters. This indicates that possibly every voter that experienced The Test Kitchen loved and voted for it! Well done to Luke and his team.”

Last year The Test Kitchen slipped from 22 to 63 on the list, so it’s fantastic to see The Test Kitchen back on the World’s 50 Best list this year. “I am thrilled to see our region back on the global culinary map, right where we belong. This is a direct result of Luke and his team’s total and consistent commitment and dedication to produce the finest food in our country,” Snyman adds enthusiastically.