The Palace at the Lost City has revamped its High Tea offering, and guests can expect a selection that includes savouries, cakes and puddings, old-fashioned sweets as well as sushi

“High tea is not reserved only for those with a sweet tooth and so we have added hearty homemade pies, quiches and sandwiches, as well as sushi, to our high tea ensemble. While the colourful array of cakes and pudding provides a visual feast, the alluring aromas of warm-baked goods are a feast for the nose,” says the newly appointed Palace Executive Chef, Hanroe Erasmus.

Menu items include classic sandwiches such as cucumber and salmon, and pastrami and dill sandwiches, while the hot savouries include traditional chicken pie with a special twist. The list of pastries include milk tart; lemon bavarois meringue; strawberry cheese cake tart and pistachio opera slice. The cake and dessert line-up features Victorian Sponge cake; baked cheese cake, dark chocolate mousse cake; Amarula brulee and tiramisu.

The High Tea is served in The Palace’s Crystal Court, and is served from 15h00 to 17h00 at a cost of R235 per person.  They also have a special offer where if a guest books and pay for three for High Tea, a fourth can join for free.