You’ve honed your skills, perfected your recipes, and your freshly-baked breads and pastries are drawing a crowd. However, you’re struggling to meet demand. Many successful businesses reach a point where investment needs to be made in order to grow capacity and bakeries are no different. Dave Collier, the President of the South African Bakers’ Association, discusses the equipment needed if you want to take the leap from small to big volumes, without compromising on quality.

Spiral Dough Mixer: Look for a mixer that can handle 25kg flour which will equal 40kg dough. The mixer can produce this amount of dough every 10 minutes, resulting in 240kg of dough per hour and an output of 340 loaves of bread or 335 dozen rolls.

Commercial Dough Prover: This will speed up the proofing process as it can accommodate two full trolleys of 18 baking trays. If you invest in an under-oven prover, it will accommodate 16 trays.

Commercial Rack Oven: To bake large volumes of product, you can either invest in a full oven which takes 1 trolley of 18 trays, or a smaller version which takes 8 trays. A commercial convection oven would be an alternative.

Bun Divider/Moulder: For mass production of rolls producing anything over 20/30 dozen a day, this is a must. It automatically rolls 2.5 dozen balls of dough at a time.  When used by two bakers, this expensive piece of equipment can produce over 100 dozen rolls per hour.

Pastry sheeter: If you want to produce a lot of pastry for meat pies or Danish pastries and croissants, the pastry sheeter will speed up rolling and layering of many types of pastry.

If you’re thinking of investing in equipment for your bakery and are looking for quick, professional funding, look no further than Genfin.

After applicants complete a simple application process, Genfin provides professional funding solutions up to R5 million and funds are paid out within a week of application. Based primarily on your business cash flow, Genfin will make an informed decision to fund you.

To apply, your business needs to have a trading history of more than one year and an annual turnover of over R1 million.

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