Vencasa is a new bedroom solution brand available in South Africa which designs and develops their own products. One of their latest products are Micro Gel Pillows – they’re made from synthetic fibres which feel similar to silk, and the fibre is much thinner than normal fibres, so the pillow is soft and lightweight.


The pillows adjust to the movements and shape of the sleeper’s head and neck, making it ideal as an all-purpose pillow. As it doesn’t contain feathers and has a 100% cotton cover, it’s ideal for those that have allergies, and the hypoallergenic fibre prevents an accumulation of dust mites.


Another fantastic feature is the pillow’s thermal performance, which means it adapts to the user’s body temperature. The pillow is machine washable on a delicate cold cycle or easily cleaned with a damp sponge should spills occur.


Vencasa has partnered with global and local experts to create the Vencasa Signature Collection for every sleep need. This includes mattresses, headboards, bases and frames, side tables, lamps, occasional furniture, ottomans, linen, pillows and luxurious bedroom accessories, with several price points to accommodate their wide clientele.


Available exclusively from Vencasa and Tempur stores, in three feels, soft, medium and firm, priced from R 899.


Visit www.pharmaline.co.za/vencasa or call 0861 60 60 60 for more information, to shop, or for your nearest stockist.