Greek eatery GRK has opened its doors in Sandton, offering an exciting modern twist on a classic Greek street food – the gyro.

Tell us about your new style of gyro?

We knew we had to offer a different product from others in South Africa, and after seeing the concept in Greece we knew it would be a hit. The new method offers a product that is fresher and safer, utilising only top quality meat prepared to order, and grilled on our imported flat grills onsite. The meat is thinly sliced and spiced ensuring quick delivery of meals. It is then cut on our open kitchen butcher blocks with custom made half-moon knives, unique to GRK.


What does it come with?

All gyros come with a variety of dips, including Tzatziki (garlic, herbed or avocado) and hummus and less traditional flavours such as yoghurt mustard and babaganoush. Added to this simple menu, is a variety of salads which are all freshly prepared with top quality produce that is beautifully displayed in our produce fridge for all to see.


What has the response been to GRK so far?

The response has been incredible! GRK has a unique atmosphere to it. Despite being a fast-food establishment, we have managed to create an elevated atmosphere which allows diners to feel comfortable in the space and make a day out of being in it. From our music, to our interiors, which have been done by Giorgio Tatsakis of Atelier Giorgio, made up of ebony timber, a neutral palette, and clean geometric lines, moving away from the traditional blue and white aesthetic, everything is carefully curated to our brand, and makes the establishment feel very different to most eateries with a similar concept to ours. The chosen first location, Rivonia Village, is perfectly suited for this concept as GRK’s menu allows people within the bustling area, or shopping centre to either pop in for a quick business lunch, or order a ready-made meal perfect for take-away from our deli.


Are there any other surprises in store?

We also offer imported pita bread options that have been aerated and oven baked. Traditionally, you won’t have a variety of options of pita bread when going to Greek fast-food establishments, so we knew we had to be the first, especially with our Carob pita bread. GRK offers four different variations, all of which are vegetarian and vegan friendly and have no added sugar:


Carob – A product with quite impressive nutritional value. The combination of the finest wheat flour and Carob powder leads to a product that can boost you with energy throughout your day. Further, our Carob pita consists of complex carbohydrates, which have a low percentage of sugars.

Village – This yellow colored pita consists of wheat flour and hard-wheat flour, which has high protein content. The distinctive yellow hue, is a result of turmeric powder (known to be an antioxidant), which is added during the mixing process.

Corn – This pita bread on the other hand consists of wheat flour and corn flour. The yellow coloring is a result of turmeric addition, just like in Village pita bread.

Wholegrain – This pita bread consists of wholegrain flour, which has undergone lesser processing. As a result, the flour has kept most of its nutritional values from the plant such as magnesium, vitamin B, iron and antioxidants. This all resulting in a distinctive taste.