Towards the end of last year, Stellenzicht released their Speciality Range, which contains two blends and two single vineyard wines.

The Ratio 2015 is a white Bordeaux-style blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Sémillon based on the Golden Ratio of 1:1,618 found throughout nature.  Grapes from older vineyards are co-fermented, partly in stainless steel and partly in large new oak barrels, before being blended and left on the lees for 15 months for added richness and texture.

The Mistaken Identity 2013 red Cape Blend is 50% each of Pinotage and Shiraz. The blend came about by accident when Guy mistakenly-believed he was blending different Shiraz components at a trade show in Bordeaux. Realising he had actually blended Pinotage and Shiraz, he was struck by the intensity and complexity of the wine, realising the two varieties’ shared roots in the Rhône valley created a perfect complement for each other.

The Vine Post Pinotage 2014 is one of the two registered single vineyard wines. Based high on the slopes and subject to plenty of strong winds from False Bay, the Vine Post Pinotage vineyard is unusually planted using the stok-by-paaltjie or ‘1 vine, 1 stake’ method. Yields are low giving intensely-concentrated fruit enhanced by new oak contact of more than two years.

The Plum Pudding Hill Syrah 2011 is the second registered single vineyard wine. The vineyard is almost 30 years old and lies facing False Bay where the winds allowed for a longer than usual ripening period. Made in a bold, fruit-forward style, the Plum Pudding Hill gains complexity over time, adding layers of interest and intrigue to every glass.