Even though Stellenbosch at Summer Place (which you can read more about here) will be hosting five of South Africa’s top chefs, it’s not all about the food. The event showcases the enviable lifestyle of Stellenbosch, through its wine, food and crafts, so here Chef Michael Broughton of Terroir restaurant discusses what it is that he loves about this Western Cape town.

What public space epitomises the magic of Stellenbosch for you?

The beautiful town centre of Stellies has so much history and Cape Dutch feel, with timeless architecture. It’s a really special place to be.

Describe how good wine contributes to a fine dish.

A good wine can add to a dish and a good dish can add to the wine.

Describe your favourite example of the symbiotic relationship of food and art.

Food is art. It is presented as an image to the eyes. You first “eat” with your eyes, then your stomach.

Describe your favourite moment of a day in Stellenbosch.

Driving to work on a Spring morning and watching the sun rise over the Helderberg Mountains, feeling the heat of its rays on my face.

If Stellenbosch was a person, what kind of personality would he or she have?

Stellies would be a beautiful, patient and kind soul with a timeless youthful character.

How does the heritage of Stellenbosch influence your food?

Stellies IS history. I love cooking in the traditional fashion, paying homage to the French Huguenot pioneers who left their indelible mark of culture and cuisine.

Stellenbosch at Summer Place is happening on Wednesday the 29th of November. Tickets to Stellenbosch at Summer Place 2017 are available at R600 each through Ticket Pro, www.ticketpros.co.za. Each ticket includes tasting dishes by five great chefs, canapés, a sumptuous cheese buffet, access to over 100 wines and the opportunity to meet some of South Africa’s food and wine rock stars.