We asked chefs what South African cuisine means to them.

Frans Groenewald | Gabriëlskloof restaurant

“It has determined a lot who I am today. I got raised by a mother who cooked ‘boere-kos style’ but always incorporated heritage and nostalgic memories in her cooking.  These days I engage with clients, staff and friends from across the globe which have broadened my cultural horizons immensely! Living in this beautiful  country with its produce and heritage I try and incorporate it on my menu.”

Ryan Smith| Ryan’s Kitchen

“To me it means diversity and vibrancy. A style of cooking brought together through diverse cultures and history.”

Wayne Walkinshaw | Valley Lodge & Spa

“It’s a collection of flavours from across the world, blended over time to reflect our multi-cultural nation.”

Izanne Nawn | Clico Boutique Hotel

“On a personal level, South African cuisine hits home, bringing memories and precious moments to mind. Classifying our cuisine as rainbow is an understatement – it binds and defines us. Through many generations, recipes and ingredients and methods have been passed down from all cultures and families, and as a chef, I often draw from a family member’s recipe.”

John Carelse | Tau Game Lodge

“To me, I see the many cultures that influence it – India, The Netherlands, Britain, and even our neighbouring countries’ influence.”

Michael Deg | Delaire Graff

“South African cuisine is at a very exciting stage right now. It is wonderful to see so many great restaurants using the amazing local produce we are privileged to have on our doorstep as opposed to imported ingredients to impress guests. The culinary landscape has changed and guests search for local produce and artisanal ingredients. This plays into our philosophy at Delaire Graff Restaurant where we use only local and seasonal produce letting quality ingredients shine. It is amazing to see what other chefs and producers are creating, an amazing and positive influence on myself and our team. The South African culinary landscape is constantly changing, reinventing itself and this is why we push ourselves so hard at Delaire Graff Estate, to remain at the top of our trade, to be setting trends and creating South African cuisine to excite our guests.”

Jacques Erasmus | Hemelhuijs

“For me, South African cuisine cultivates a sense of belonging.”