Well-known chefs Reuben Riffel and Richard Carstens have partnered to create RiffelCarstens, a private business entity which will consult to various establishments within the hospitality industry. The two chefs will use the experience garnered from their years in the industry, which has seen them conceptualising, running and opening restaurants, to consult, curate and create businesses and events, from intimate lunches to large scale dinners.

One of their main focuses will be to work with establishments to train staff and work within the framework of each business’ needs. Reuben has always admired Richard’s ability to train and upskill those that find themselves in his kitchen. He is an unselfish teacher who gladly shares his knowledge.

Both Reuben and Richard are also passionately committed to upliftment projects and creating employment for those in need. This business venture perfectly positions them to be able to do so with various partners who recognize the same need.

For more information, contact Maryke Riffel at reubens@mweb.co.za