Pumpkin fritters are your one-hit-wonder of the Ramadan Playlist, says Chef Naseer Abdullah from the Radisson Red Cape Town. “They’re very unexpected, unknown to most, but loved by all and repeated every year,” she says.

“Pumpkin is nice as a vegetable but aces the dessert gig, and in the holy month of Ramadan, you will enjoy this dish no matter which religion is yours,” she says. “Locally known as pampoenkoekies, this is an ultimate favourite in the Muslim Cape Malay culture.”

Pumpkin Fritters


2 cups of cooked mashed Pumpkin (All the water should be drained or steamed away. Then mash with one teaspoon of butter)
½ tsp salt
2 tbsp sugar
2 eggs
1 self -raising flour
1 tsp baking powder
1tsp vanilla essence
Oil for frying (cooking oil)


Cinnamon sugar
200ml whipped cream
10ml golden syrup

  • Mix all the Fritter ingredients in a bowl; your batter should not be runny, else your fritters will be too mushy, it should resemble an almost stiff dough.
  • Fry the fritters until crisp and brown on both sides in a hot pan with 2 tbsp of oil on medium to high heat. Try adding the oil a little at first as you don’t want an oily soggy fritter.
  • Tip – if you see the fritters don’t hold its shape at first while frying, add a little more flour to your dough into the mixture and bind it together
  • Finish off your fried fritter with the whipped cream, cinnamon sugar, syrup, and off you go on stage!