The Expresso morning show and Protea Hotel Fire & Ice! ran a burger and shake challenge recently, and when a fan of the show, Steven Taylor, wanted to get in on the action and share his burger and shake skills, he was welcomed into the fun. This led to hundreds of fans commenting on social media platforms about the show and now other fans are interested in getting involved to show off their own burger and shake skills.

“Listening to our guests is core to the Protea Hotels philosophy, and this opportunity to engage with a loyal fan of the brand allows us to demonstrate what we mean by this.  Not only did we respond to his query but we decided to change the format of the show and to bring him in as one of those taking part in the challenge,” Nicholas explains, commenting that, “This is also a case of us getting our client base involved in developing new products. In essence, it’s a crowdsourcing approach – allowing ordinary folk to be heard, and giving them a platform to showcase their talents.”

Steven was pitted against three of the show’s presenters – Zoë Brown, Leigh Anne Williams and Ewan Strydom  – and created a burger and shake combo which is now available on the menu at all three Protea Hotel Fire & Ice! Properties around the country until the end of March. His creation is the “Roast of Steven Taylor Burger, a juicy 250g minced beef patty topped with roast beef, aged cheddar, caramelised red onion and apricot chutney, and Cheese Cake Milkshake”.