It’s a first for Cape Town’s CBD – Park Inn by Radisson on the foreshore has installed the first large-scale commercial hybrid Photovoltaic and Thermal (PVT) project on its rooftop, and it’s set to bring big energy savings for the property.

Developed by Solarus, the hybrid solar technology combines the generation of thermal energy with the photovoltaic generation of power to produce one of the highest energy yields every measured. When compared with solar power, the PowerCollector produces both electricity and hot water output up to 70°C and delivers 3 times more energy on the same surface area.

The construction is set to be fully operational by the end of March and will be producing an average of 1050kWh of energy per week for the hotel.  In addition to the renewable energy produced on the roof of the hotel, the installation also saves 79000 litres of water per year by reducing energy used from the grid. This is because for every kWh electricity bought from the South African power utility company Eskom uses 1,45 litres of water to produce.

“In the hospitality industry, there is a high heat demand and energy cost, it was with this in mind, and our unwavering responsible business mindset that installing the 30 PowerCollectors, maximizing our small rooftop made absolute sense. With the location of our hotel, our rooftop is also the perfect location to absorb as much sun as possible and generate three times more energy,” said Jim Schleich, General Manager of Park Inn by Radisson Cape Town Foreshore. “We are thrilled that the installation will not only be saving electricity but will also have a significant water saving, which adds to our extensive water-saving initiatives, as we strive to avoid Day Zero in the region.”

“The Solarus technology with its superior performance gives the ability to accelerate the transition towards a clean energy future,” said Henning Brand, Development Director for Solarus in South Africa. “The sun is very generous in South Africa and makes for an attractive business case. It makes absolute sense to harvest the free energy instead of using fossil fuel based sources. As a certified B (benefit) corporation, Solarus wishes to compliment the Think Planet Responsible Business Strategy by Radisson Hotel Group. As businesses we have to use our influence in the world as a force for good, and that is exactly what the Park Inn by Radisson, Cape Town Foreshore has done by example.”

The energy produced in conjunction with the reduced demand from the grid will provide electricity and heat throughout the hotel. Over a 20-year period, this installation will save the hotel approximately R3 600 000 (€250 000).