Mr Yum has launched their QR code mobile table-ordering app, a web-based digital menu that allows diners to view the menu then order and pay directly through their phone. Restaurants using the platform have found a rise in average meal spends of 20% to 45%.

Mr Yum has pioneered restaurant ordering technology across Australia and New Zealand for over two years. Since March 2020, the global business has grown by 20 times, with over a million users making use of the platform each month. Offering any combination of dine-in table ordering, pickup and delivery, the concept was brought to South Africa by a team of local entrepreneurs who launched the technology locally to help restaurants become more profitable. Early adopters of the table-ordering technology include Cape Town-based Harringtons Cocktail Lounge, Surfa Rosa, Latitude Cafe and Peddlars.

A real-time menu is accessed through a QR-code, without having to download an app or sign-up. The menu is interactive and visual, personalising the diners experience. Diners order and pay immediately, removing the headache of splitting a bill or flagging down the waiter to order and pay. The platform makes it easy to place multiple orders and batches orders by table for the kitchen and bar, linking directly to the point-of-sale.

Ray Endean from Latitude Café says, “We find our team are spending way less time on admin tasks like taking orders, punching them into the point-of-sale, manually processing payments or splitting bills. Instead, we have more time to do what we love most being hospitable and having more meaningful interactions with customers.”
Restaurants have no sign-up costs, fixed costs or lock-in contracts. Mr Yum takes a transaction fee of 4.9%, with volume and group discounts available, which includes the payment gateway fee, free point-of-sale integrations, staff training and unlimited customer support.

To help restaurants during COVID-19, Mr Yum is offering a free visual menu option with a built-in guest register at no cost to restaurants. “We always encourage restaurants to trial the platform, because once they see how it impacts their bottom line they stop viewing us as a cost but rather a tremendous value add. With hundreds of dine-in venues at a group level – not a single restaurant has tried table-ordering and switched it off,” says Harrod. “This is the future of dining out. The value is clear, and the early movers will quickly see the benefits.”