This is a very simple dish with sexy, sleek presentation. Dragon fruit is native to South East Asia. It pairs well with strong mature cheeses, such as cheddar or aged Gruyère, or mature brie in this case, and cuts through the sweetness of the chocolate. It also makes a great late night indulgence with fine brandy.

Mature Brie with Dragon Fruit and Chocolate Shavings
Serves 4


100g organic white chocolate
1 x 150g mature brie
2 Dragon fruit
Blue gum honey and toasted nuts, on the side

  • Using a sharp knife, shave the white chocolate finely. Place the brie on a suitable plate and shower with a generous amount of the shavings. Thinly slice the dragon fruit and pile the cheese with slices of fruit. Serve with bowls of blue gum honey and toasted nuts, on the side.

Chef’s Tip

Buy dragon fruit specialist deli’s – it has a very short season. If not available, substitute with kiwi fruit, which is part of the same family. Dragon fruit juice is also available and can be reduced to a thick syrup and drizzled over cheese.