In an effort to meet the demand for quality shared meal options, McCain’s latest appetiser addition, P!ckers, will help restaurants offer consumers quality shared meal options. The post-pandemic era has seen a shift in consumer food culture trends as consumers are eager to connect, create social interactions, experiment, and enjoy food with others. Adding McCain’s delicious appetisers to the occasion is a great way to elevate the fun.

The brand has tapped into emerging consumer trends and the surge in demand for shared meals. Its mission is to help restaurants stay on top and make it easier and more affordable for them to keep their menus current and enticing by offering new and exciting products. McCain’s frozen appetisers allow restaurant owners to add fast, high-quality products to their menus, making them more appealing to potential diners searching for shared meals. Take your menu to the next level with the incredibly versatile, quick-prepare P!ckers range.

Marketing Manager of McCain South Africa, Catharina Bester, says the brand hopes to encourage restaurant owners to incorporate these shared meal appetisers into their menus, ensuring a profitable outcome. “Post-Covid, we wanted to help restaurant owners give their customers more shared experiences. Our frozen McCain Frozen Appetisers range is ideal for family sharing as there are several options to choose from, and the experience is about much more than just a meal, it’s about togetherness as a family and enjoying small moments, one bite at a time,” Bester added.


The sale of appetisers can be considered a revenue-boosting strategy. According to a study conducted by McCain South Africa Food Services, approximately 19% of the food bill is accounted for by appetisers. Additionally, the research found that 73% of South Africans are looking for experiences and sensations to liven up their daily routines, and 61% seek experiences they may be able to share with others.


P!ckers is made with authentic ingredients and can be seamlessly integrated with your existing restaurant menu options, whether eaten as snacks, sharers, sides, builders, or toppers. Bester adds, “As a brand, we believe that good food has a special place in consumers’ lives. This is why we offer products such as McCain P!ckers to restaurant owners with the aim of simplifying meal-prep in restaurants, and creating memorable experiences for their customers.” McCain’s frozen appetisers initially consisted of Veggie Fingers, Potato Cheese Shots, Onion Rings, Chilli Cheese Nuggets, and Mozzarella Sticks. With the addition of P!ckers, consumers can now enjoy Cream Cheese Jalapeno Poppers, Camembert Bites, and Tomato Mozza Melters.