Water is a scarce resource, says Jackie Cameron, so take these measures to make sure you’re not wasting water in the kitchen.

AT TIMES A DRIPPING TAP CANNOT BE AVOIDED; or there’ll be that one that’s never turned off properly. I suggest placing a little bucket under difficult water faucets to prevent this precious commodity from going down the drain. Training on the importance of running water and the consequences of wasting it, is imperative.

WATER USED TO BLANCH VEGETABLES CAN BE RECYCLED INTO USE FOR WASHING DISHES – and, with it being hot, there’s the benefit of a double saving.

A LAWN, AS WELL AS POTS OR OUTDOOR PLANTS, will thank you for the water left over in water jugs and ice buckets. Remind waitrons and the cleaning team to use every drop wisely.

WATER USED TO CLEAN FLOORS CAN BE USED IN THE GARDEN – and, I’m told, the chemicals in the cleaning agents help keep bugs at bay.

CHEFS AND COOKS SHOULD CLEAN THE UTENSILS they use in their own station disinfectant buckets, rather than sending these to the scullery after every use.