The House of J.C. Le Roux has added a new range of high quality bubblies to the J.C. Le Roux family to appeal to those who enjoy a drier taste.

Produced at the House of J.C. le Roux in Stellenbosch’s Devon Valley, the Vibrazio Sauvignon Blanc, Demi-Sec and Demi-Sec Rosé have been crafted to meet the needs of young professionals looking for an accessible sparkling alternative to wine, ready-to-drink and more expensive MCC’s.

According to Global Marketing Manager, Jackie Olivier, these consumers love the style and sophistication of sparkling wine, but find existing offers either too sweet or too serious. “Unexpected and modern, with our signature fresh effervescence, Vibrazio demonstrates the versatility of our vine-growing and winemaking team, and their ability to create wines of individuality and vibrancy to suit every taste, mood and occasion. Vibrazio breaks the mould and makes sparkling wine exciting and accessible: open to drink at any occasion” she said.

Vibrazio Sauvignon Blanc, the driest in the range, is an extra dry yet fruity sparkling wine with tropical tones like litchi, pineapple and granadilla flavours. It is a refreshing and lively bubbly, with good balance and a vibrant finish. Served with orange rind it results in a refreshing and crisp, clean finish.

Vibrazio Demi-Sec is an enchanting off-dry sparkling wine with hints of pears and litchi.  Its fruitiness is enhanced by serving it with a twist of fresh orange rind.

The off-dry Vibrazio Demi-Sec Rosé is a salmon-coloured blend with berry, plum and tropical aromas. It’s perfectly served with a fresh twist of grapefruit rind to enhance its tropical flavours.