Chef Peter Robertson, Complex Executive Chef for Sun City, Creates Summer Flavour with Nola by using Nola Original for a zesty, spicy Chilli Lemon Sauce that he serves alongside hake tempura. Chef Peter believes that the consistency of Nola Original makes this a great product to use for a dipping sauce – it’s stable and versatile, with a taste profile that is not synthetic and could easily be mistaken for a handmade mayonnaise.

Ingredients (serves 10-12)

2.4kg Hake Fillet
300g Flour
150g Corn Flour
100ml Malt Vinegar
15g Salt
10g Fish Spice

For the Chilli Lemon Sauce

50ml Lemon Juice, or to taste
40g Lemon Zest, or to taste
100ml Nola Original
10ml Garlic Chilli paste
10g Black Pepper
50ml Olive Oil


  • Combine all the ingredients for the Chilli Lemon Sauce and whisk until combined. Set aside for service.
  • Season the hake with the fish spice.
  • Make a batter with the flour, corn flour, vinegar, salt and cold water.
  • Dip the hake into the batter and deep-fry until crisp and cooked
  • Serve with green salad and the Chilli Lemon Sauce on the side.