Even though they’re only launching in October, Green Planet Laundry has clients lined up to use their services. Why? With water-saving top-of-mind for everyone in Cape Town, this innovative new company has found a way to use undrinkable borehole water to clean laundry.

Unlike most commercial laundries, not a single drop of Cape Town’s municipal water supply is used – instead, they make use of purified borehole water with 50% of the grey water used in the machines being recycled. So how does it work?  Undrinkable water is extracted from a borehole and then purified using a custom-built water purification system which removes any contaminants. The water is then ozonated for sanitation and effectiveness in the laundry system, which reduces the amount of detergent needed to clean laundry. The process not only leaves laundry clean, sanitised and soft, but it also increases linen life up to 50%, as well as the obvious reduction to your carbon footprint. The entire water purification system including the borehole will be powered by solar energy making their complete water purification system environmentally neutral.

Green Planet Laundry services can handle large quantities of laundry, making it the perfect solution for Hotels and Restaurants. “Our laundry is situated in Airport Industria on a 1000sqm site,” says Tony from Gleen Planet Laundry. “We have the means to service any and all Domestic and Commercial Clients, and we definitely have the capacity to handle large loads.”

“We offer a same day service if required,” he continues. “Some of our clients have even asked to be serviced twice a day – this too will be accommodated.”

When asked why the company decided to start this venture, Tony says that “In looking for business opportunities, we were appalled at the water and energy consumption of Commercial Laundry facilities both in SA and abroad!  We immediately knew that we had to try to change this.  Spurred on by the drought afflicting the Western Cape, we knew that this Laundry had to be established in Cape Town.  We knew that we had to service as large an area as possible.  We were extremely fortunate to find our location – a very central location that is 45 minutes’ drive from almost any point in greater Cape Town.  Additionally, we will be operating the world’s most energy efficient machinery.”

For more information, click here to visit their website. 

*Photograph used is stock imagery