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A chef demands two things of their cooking utensils: a surface that does not adversely alter the flavour of the food, and the ability to conduct heat uniformly and effectively without forming hot spots and causing food to stick and burn.

The Ghisanativa range of cooking tools does just that. Made from thick cast iron with exceptional thermal qualities that retains and transfers heat evenly, food does not stick to the utensils and produces an exceptional end product. The Ghisanativa range, distributed in South Africa by The Restaurant Warehouse, includes smooth hotplates and grill plates, as well as a portable cooking cart and portable hobs.

The Ghisanativa smooth hotplates deliver an exceptional cooking performance. The above—average thickness allows the hotplates to accumulate and retain heat up to 12 times more efficiently than steel, transferring the heat to food in an effective way. The hotplates can easily reach temperatures above 230°C, which makes it perfect for the cooking of chops, fillets, steaks, hamburgers and vegetables quickly, and without excessive juice loss.

The Ghisanativa grill plates carry the same properties as the smooth hotplates, but its ridges reduce the direct contact between the cooking surface and food, and also creates attractive grill lines on the surface of the meat and vegetables.

The Sothis Cooking Cart from Ghisanativa is a professional cooking-cart that has been designed for safe yet efficient use in front of guests. Utilising the best technology, the Sothis Cooking Cart is safe to use in front of guests, ideal for flambé cooking and catering, as well as use in theatres and TV studios.

Lastly, the range includes a number of portable hobs – gas, infrared and wok – in its Elios range, which have been designed for striking show cooking, and offer excellent performance.

For more information on the Ghisanativa range, visit The Restaurant Warehouse website.