Future-proof your food by discovering the top global trends from Unilever Food Solutions’ Future Menus report -and how you can incorporate them with ease

Here, we’ve showcased snippets from four of the trends, but for the full report we’ve provided download details at the end of the article.


By using modern techniques, chefs have moved vegetables from the side to the centre of the plate –and in the process are reducing their carbon footprint and providing guests with plenty of positive nutrients.

Top Tip: Flexitarian dishes don’t have to be complex, chefs just need to be innovative with one main ingredient.

“Guests are increasingly concerned about their diet and want to eat much more consciously. Cooking more with vegetables doesn’t just add more nutrients to the dish but also expands your menu options.Therefore, you have the chance to bring anew clientele into your location.”Chef René-Noel Schiemer, Culinary Advisor –Germany.


While chefs are encouraged to put a new spin on timeless dishes, diners still want to feel a sense of connection with dishes that taste like home. To achieve this, chefs can add or replace ingredients, combine classical concepts to create something new, or apply new techniques that improve the dish’s flavour.

“Diners love to rediscover those dishes they know well in a new guise that keeps faith with the past but with the reinterpretation of possible ingredient combinations, cooking methods, and above all, presentation.They love to be amazed!”Chef Giuseppe Buscicchio, Executive Lead Country Chef –Italy.


Highlighting seasonal dishes that are inspired by the variety found in nature, foraged and wild ingredients such as edible flowers, wild berries and seaweed, are giving chefs the opportunity to directly connect with their local environment. It’s all about moving away from mainstream produce and celebrating what nature provides with simple, sustainable dishes.

“As a chef, it is always great to discover new ingredients and even greater when you can pick them yourself. Native ingredients offer chefs more space for creativity and allow them to work seasonally.”Chef Wesley Bay, Culinary Advisor –Belgium.


This trend is all about bonding around generous dishes that are food for the soul, tapping into a tradition that’s popular the world over –think casseroles, charcuterie, hot pots, mezze, tapas –even braai’s! This trend of sharing and family-style service brings everyone together, nurturing not just the body but also the heart and providing much-needed recovery from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

“It’s an opportunity for us, chefs, to generously share our regional flavours, and techniques with the diners for them to have a great experience with their loved ones.”Chef Sherif Afifi, Executive Chef -Egypt.

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