The first ever online food marketplace and platform, has launched in South Africa. A variety of restaurants, chefs, home bakers and cooks are now readily and easily available to those looking for a meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

What sets apart is the home-baked element. While well-known restaurants are showcased on the portal, everyone loves a good home cooked meal. allows chefs, cooks and bakers to freshly prepare nutritional meals out of their kitchens to be ordered and delivered to your doorstep with just a search and a click.

The search engine optimisation allows you to search by category for pastas, pizzas, burgers, roasted meals and many more. There is something to satisfy every craving. Even beverages are presented on the platform and they too come in an array of categories to choose from. Simply add a bottle of wine or a freshly made smoothie to complete your dinner order.

Users can also purchase a few grocery items on, with banting products, spices, cheese, sauces and breads are just a few products available, all on one platform. Taking it a step further, as you indulge into the food side of things, order pet food, products and snacks for your furry friend and have it delivered all at the same time. Keeping the whole family happy with a touch of a button.

For more information on this revolutionary food portal, please visit The app is also available on Google Play, download it here