Food-lovers2-e1414743660226On the 22nd of October Food Lover’s Market will be opening a new store at the Chilli On Top shopping centre in Sunninghill Johannesburg. Situated on the second floor of the three-storey mall, the store has a convenient parking lot which gives customers easy, fuss-free access to the store.

The store has been cleverly designed to ensure that all the regular departments fit into the new, trendy design, despite having less interior floor space than other Food Lover’s Market stores. Smaller crates of fruit and vegetables, as well as the curved flow give it a modern farmer’s market type feel. In addition to the standard fresh produce selection, there will also be a small butchery, fresh fish department, Market Deli offering cold meats and cheeses and grocery section. Customers can look forward to a delicious bakery selection including a doughnut station, muffins and artisan breads.

The aim of the store is to provide an easy and convenient food offering to the offices and residential areas in and around Sunninghill. The store will have an array of ready-made meals such as paninis, pizza, sandwiches, salads, ready-cut fruit and sushi on offer for anyone who wants to pick-up a quick lunch close to the office or as home meal replacements (HMR) for people who want a hearty and healthy meal at home after a long day at work.

Sandro Gastaldi, director of Food Lover’s Market says, “What we are trying to achieve with this store is a convenient shopping experience for everyone. Whether you need to grab a quick lunch from our selection of prepacked sushi and Paninis or pop in after work to do your grocery shopping; the whole store is set up for quick and convenient shopping.”

Aside from the grab and go food offerings, there will also be the increasingly popular “Grill Shack” where customers can custom order burgers and crispy chicken.

On the way to the tills you will find fridges packed with water, cold drinks and yoghurts that you can grab on your way out.

In line with the Food Lover’s Market Love Health campaign there will be a health food offering in the “Health and Happiness” run. “We have an array of health food products on offer including the Natures Choice range as well as sugar-free snacks and coconut products,” adds Gastaldi.

The health food offering will be a big hit with the many gym goers who work-out at the Virgin Active at Chilli Lane shopping centre over the road.

This store will be a draw for the many cyclists in and around the Sunninghill area. Seattle Coffee will have a satellite station at the exit where cyclists can enjoy a hot cup of coffee during one of their rides.