At the Franchise Association of SA (FASA)’s AGM, Pertunia Sibanyoni, the CEO of InspectaCar, was appointed as the new Chair. She brings 17 years of experience in franchising, and is well poised to steer FASA through the aftershocks of the pandemic and onto renewed growth.

According to Pertunia Sibanyoni, the franchise sector certainly took a serious knock during the height of the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic and will continue to until normality and the vaccine reaches all corners of the country. “But to franchising’s credit, and thanks to its strong business principles and support structures, most franchisors took strong leadership steps, tweaked their franchised systems, were pro-active on financial support and put in place recovery plans. The association also welcomed seventeen new members to the fold over that period.”

The franchising industry spans around 14 different business sectors, including hospitality and restaurants, and is a huge contributor to the GDP. Going forward, FASA hopes to continue this trend and act as a springboard for the many local and international brands that want to establish themselves in South Africa and then onwards to the rest of Africa.

“Whether it’s picking up on new trends emanating from the pandemic, encouraging entrepreneurs and corporates to look at the benefits of franchising – to developing small business concepts in townships and rural areas through social and tandem franchising – the franchise sector has a lot to offer and we appeal to government to engage with us and tap into our  tried and tested business formats that can assist in rolling out entrepreneurial endeavours that will ultimately bring about transformation and much-needed jobs.”

At the AGM, FASA saluted its members and the broader franchise community made up of thousands of front-line workers working in hospitality, restaurants, supermarkets and petrol stations ensuring the safety of staff and customers in adhering to Covid-19 safety regulations.

“Never underestimate a tough and resilient franchise industry full of talented and highly motivated entrepreneurs who excel during times of extreme stress and undue pressure and who, over the years, showed that their innovative thinking and unrelenting desire for success will help kick-start the South African economy and get the wheels of job creation and consumerism moving again,” says Pertunia.