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If you’re not feeling the Christmas spirit yet, take a look at Fairview’s new Single Vineyard Grenache Stok by Paaltjie. It’s got a bright red colour and a unique hand-illustrated label – perfect for the Christmas table.


For decades, Charles Back and his team have pushed the boundaries of traditional winemaking, and have been planting interesting varietals that are suited to the terroir. Their newest release, Stok by Paaltjie Grenache, is one such variety, being the 6th addition to their Single Vineyard range and enjoying a new wave of appreciation among locals.


“Our Stok by Paaltjie is so called as, translated from Afrikaans, it means Vine by Post. Vine by Post is a unique trellising system, whereby the vine grows upwards along an individual supportive pole, giving each vine time to develop its own tiny character. This is how the grapes to make this wine were grown,” explains winemaker, Anthony de Jager. “The vineyard itself is also one of the most striking on the farm, rich with soils that have been chiseled, shaped and terraced over the course of nearly two millennia.”


This Grenache has a bright red colour with intense fynbos, red fruits and sour cherry notes on the nose. The palate is elegant, with wild strawberry and savoury aromas and effortlessly integrated tannins on the finish. Stok by Paaltjie makes a masterful match with charred lamb chops, spicy Moroccan tagine and Spanish classics like paella.


For now, Stok by Paaltjie is exclusive to Fairview’s online store, Fairview Cellar Door and is priced at R235 a bottle.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]