Behold this stunning gin from Bottega! Going by the name of BACûR, this gorgeous new gin is sure to catch the eye of any patron. Best known for producing Prosecco, the Italian bubbly that’s overtaken Champagne as the world’s favourite sparkling wine, the master distillers of Bottega have turned their attention to gin.

Bottega is no stranger to distillation, producing a range of grappa-based products as well their proseccos, and the BACûR honours the tradition of distilling in copper stills. The word itself means copper in Ancient Greek, but inside you’ll find a dry, Juniper-driven gin that is full-bodied and aromatic. With only 24 000 bottles produced each year, this is an exclusive, premium gin. “Bottega is a celebrated Italian brand that has long been famous for its elegant packaging, but however much they may impress with the bottling they always exceed expectations with what is inside,” says Giuliana Abrahamse, who imports and distributes the Bottega products through her company Profumi D’Italia.

Bottega’s distillers turned to the Alpine foothills and the countryside of Northern Italy for aromatic inspiration – locally-grown juniper is dominant, but you’ll also find lemon zest, sage and myrtle on the palate. It will pair beautifully with a quality tonic, but you can also sip it on its own, served over ice. The recommended retail price is R495, and for more information you can visit