Looking for a convenient way to serve wine by the glass without wasting the full bottle?  Coravin Inc., manufacturer of the Coravin™ System, the tool that allows wine lovers to pour and enjoy wine without pulling the cork, today expands its footprint into South Africa together with their newly appointed exclusive distributor Great Domaines.

The wine preservation opener allows wine drinkers to pour wine from bottles in any amount without removing the cork – and protects what is left in the bottle for weeks, months or even years. With a presence in over 50 countries, the product’s rapid expansion demonstrates the growing consumer demand for choosing how they want to enjoy wine – by the sip, glass or more.

“Great Domaines has a longstanding reputation as an importer of the finest wines with great experience in selective distribution and we are thrilled that Coravin has joined the ranks of well-known wine estates in their portfolio,” said Maarten Dekker, Vice President & General Manager of Coravin Europe BV. “We are delighted to have the opportunity to introduce Coravin to Great Domaines’ partners such as restaurants, retailers and wineries, enabling them and their customers to elevate their wine drinking experiences.”

“We are over the moon that we are able to look after Coravin here in South Africa” says Derek Kilpin, Great Domaine’s general manager and co-owner. “Wayne and I met the inventor Greg Lambrecht in both Germany and France in 2015 and he was very interested in expanding the availability of his revolutionary wine preservation device in South Africa. We, at Great Domaines, are privileged to import some of the finest wines on the planet, drink them out of the most delicate and fine Zalto glassware and now, Coravin significantly adds to the overall lifestyle experience we strive to give our customers and friends” adds Derek.


For more information, visit www.coravin.com