Chef James Diack’s four restaurants (Coobs, Il Contadino, The National and La Stalla) will each have the specially-blended Pettirosso magnum red on their wine lists, made with Kaapzicht’s 2016 harvest.

“My wife Robyn and I had just enjoyed a cracking pork belly dish at our friend’s home, winemaker Danie Steytler of Kaapzicht. We were talking about wine and creating the perfect blends when we realised that we absolutely needed to create a tasty, tailormade house wine for Coobs,” says Diack.

Danie went ahead and curated individual barrels of 2016 Kaapzicht harvest with a good idea of what style of wine would work for Coobs – a light, favourable table wine. Using this as a base, James and Robyn then invited their friends and family to mix and match and create their own blends, followed by a blind tasting. Robyn’s wine was the firm favourite and this saw the introduction of their beautifully blended house wine, Pettirosso, which is Italian for Robyn.

“We wanted a wine that told the story of Coobs, Brightside Farm and the other restaurants that form part of The Brightside Group. We are all about the farm to plate experience and now we can offer this in a glass as well,” says Diack.