Meet Chef Khully Nkosi, the Executive Chef of Fortis Hotel Capital, based in Pretoria. Chef Khully talks about why she became a chef, her career journey, and her style of cuisine.

Tell us about your career as a Chef?
I started working at the Cape Town Convention Centre in 2003 as Commis Chef in the Cold Section doing starters and lending a hand to the Pastry Chef, Zian who was very good. Whilst working with her, I fell in love with baking and learned so many things from her. After only a month there, I was promoted to Chef de Parte` and I made a permanent move to the pastry section. In this position, I was able to showcase my skills. I have always loved reading food magazines and cook books to get new ideas. Then I try out my new recipes on my kids and my husband! I have completed several short courses over the years to improve my knowledge and techniques. I skipped the Sous Chef role and was promoted straight to Head Chef. I’m always the last girl standing!

Tell us what you do each day?
A positive mind leads to happy day. I love starting the day chatting with my sons and building a respectful foundation with them. Each morning, I ask God to give me strength for a new challenge and make sure that at work at Fortis Hotel Capital we build a strong and supportive team. It is a very exciting time for our business as we have operated under the Protea brand for many years but come 1 March, we will begin a new era as Fortis Hotel Capital so we are busy with a lot of preparation for this. We are planning to take our food and service to the next level! I am the Executive Chef so I work with my team to make sure that our food is always delicious, fresh and of superb quality.

How long have you been with the hotel?
I joined Protea Hotel Capital in October 2014, now known as Fortis Hotel Capital.

Why did you want to become a chef?
I have always had passion for food. I find food inspiring. One simple ingredient can create so many dishes! I watched food shows when I was younger on TV and loved watching the chefs create beautiful dishes. I also grew up cooking for my extended family every Sunday and so cooking has always had many happy associations for me.

How would describe the food in your restaurant?
Good quality, creative South Africa cuisine

What are some of your signature dishes?
All meat dishes, cold starters and canapes.

How often do you change your menu?
On an annual basis

What are your key ingredients?
90% of our ingredients are local and we use seasonal food.

What would we find in your fridge at home?
Seafood, beef and chicken.