Chef Jason Whitehead and nutritional therapist Sally-Ann Creed have joined forces to create an incredible new low-carb and sugar-free cookbook that focuses on wasting nothing. The cookbook focuses on using whole, organic foods that are preferably home-grown.With healthy and wholesome recipes that cover all your needs and wants such as breakfast, starters, soups and salads, main dishes, snacks and smoothies, pastes, pestos and dips, desserts and even the braai, this latest book covers it all.

Comments Whitehead, “I absolutely loved writing this book and to do it alongside the lovely Sally-Ann was such an honour, learning so much along the way. The most important message in this book is about real foods, nothing processed no GMO produce and ultimately growing your own organic produce, even if you just start with a window box of herbs. It’s so important to know where your produce comes from and to not be afraid to ask.”

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