Carianne Wilkinson
Vice Principal at Silwood Cookery

Carianne represents the third generation of women to make cooking and Silwood their lifes work. Silwood was her childhood playground, and she was groomed from an early age to join the school.  From the age of five Carianne was to be seen literally following in Lesley Faull’s, her grandmother and Silwood founders, footsteps, trailing behind her at foodie functions and events. By the age of 13 it was Carianne’s responsibility to run the children’s cookery classes at Silwood. After school, Carianne attended Ballymaloe Cookery school in Ireland and Leiths in London. After a years work experience in London and completing a degree at UCT she joined Silwood in 1996.  Carianne has been on the South African Chefs Association committee since 1998 and is an accredited SACA judge. She has also been a San Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants judge. She is also on the panel for developing the South African Chefs Trade Test. Carianne wrote the ccokery book “A Year at Silwood” to celebrate the schools 50th birthday.

We managed to meet Chef Carianne Wilkinson and ask her a few questions:

What do you think the industry should focus on?
It should encourage continued education for food enthusiasts and for food service professionals.

What is your feel for the market?
I believes it is up to cooking schools to do everything they can to assist their students in obtaining the best exposure and opportunities. This is why the school enters annual competitions such as the Chef School Challenge.

Your favourite supplier and why?
Woolworths, they provide excellent working opportunities for Silwood students.

How would you describe your signature style?
Food education.