Capital Hotel School (CHS) in Pretoria will be providing a series of bespoke training courses across Ocean Basket’s 165 stores nationwide. Waste Management, Health and Hygiene as well as Guest Relations are just some of the courses which will provide additional support and enhance the skill set of the current administration, as well as set a standard for all new employees.

“One of the biggest hurdles restaurants currently face is being able to effectively reduce waste and ‘greening’ a commercial kitchen,” says Hein Grobler, New Business Developer from CHS. According to Grobler, equipping the Ocean Basket crew with the skills to reduce and suitably dispose of waste will have a definite and direct impact on lowering food costs and aiding to the restaurant’s green footprint. “CHS is committed to combining our current expertise in hospitality management with customised solutions, dedicated to the everyday challenges that restaurants face.”

Starting with an induction program late last year, the training courses will continue with the Ocean Basket management team before moving on to delivering skills to restaurant managers and staff. CHS is accredited with CATTHSETA (The Culture, Art, Tourism, Hospitality, and Sport Sector Education and Training Authority) and the CHS training courses for Ocean Basket will be focused on elevating the workforce to international hospitality standards.

“We are confident about our partnership with CHS,” says Fuzlin Adams from Ocean Basket. “The training that CHS has set in place will ensure that Ocean Basket personnel not only have the qualified skills in their designations but that our training manuals kept up-to-date and relevant for the fast-moving restaurant industry.”

To find out more about the Capital Hotel School and Training Academy please visit their website and Facebook page