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Once upon a time, meat was seen as a luxury item. Something that was reserved for special occasions, or just a few meals out of the week. Now, many consumers want meat with every meal, and it’s taken its toll on meat production with huge amounts of animals sent to slaughter every day. Most of the time, they’re kept in unnatural conditions during their short lives and reared on food that they wouldn’t eat in the wild.

In reaction to this, many people are taking a step back and either choosing free range meats, becoming vegetarian or flexitarian, and looking more closely at meat production. Andy Fenner took it a step further. He decided to not eat meat until he was completely satisfied that the animal was raised in ethical conditions. It took him about four years to source meat that he was happy to eat, and his next step was to open a butchery that only supplies that ethically-sourced meat – Frankie Fenner Meat Merchants in Woodstock, Cape Town.

Meat Manifesto is the next step, and brings Andy Fenner’s philosophy to a wider audience. The introduction details his journey, the farms he’s visited, what ethically-sourced meat actually means in realistic terms, and why we should be far more considered in the meat that we choose to eat. There’s also fantastic information on meat itself – pairing meat and wine, different meat cuts, basic butchering, methods to cook meat, and why it’s important to use every last bit of the animal, not just the fillet and the rib eye.

When you’re choosing only the best meat, and when you’re cognisant of the animal that has given its life for your next meal, it should really go without saying that you should cook it the best way you know how – and that’s where the recipes come in.

The recipe section covers the full spectrum of meat and its various cuts, from beef and pork to goat and hogget, from ribs and shin to tongue and heart. And the recipes are fantastic. They include the basics, the rib-sticking comfort foods, the bistro classics, the globally-influenced dinner party dishes, and the weeknight staples.

Meat manifesto is not just a great cookbook, it’s a cookbook with an important message that everyone in the hospitality industry should be reading.

Meat Manifesto is written by Andy Fenner, with photographs taken by Craig Fraser. It’s published by Quivertree Publications and the recommended retail price is R550. https://www.quivertreepublications.com/

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