Now available in South Africa and recently installed in a number of top restaurants, Batyline AW by Serge Ferrari is a high-performance sound absorbing material. The material is used for tensioned ceilings, acoustic panels, walls, fittings and decoration. Not only does it offer highly impressive acoustic performance and efficiency through its fine, lightweight compact material – it absorbs up to 65% of reverberation – but, because it is so versatile in its applications, it also adds aesthetic value and design freedom as well.

Recent Cape Town installations of Batyline AW include The Cellars-Hohenort Hotel, the Newport Market & Deli, II Leone Mastrantonio, the PotLuck Club and Barristers Grill & Café.  “Batyline AW helps to improve the image and experience of any building by improving its comfort and efficiency,” says Mandy Collins, Sales and Marketing Director at Synchron Markings, the exclusive suppliers of Batyline AW by Serge Ferrari in South Africa.

Batyline AW is a freely tensioned lightweight system with a 10cm air gap, which means that it requires less space than conventional absorbent foam, wool or felt. It is easy to assemble and dismantle, and is suited to both new and renovated buildings. (For specific applications, Batyline AW’s absorption performance can be enhanced by combining it with a conventional absorbent.)

Architecturally, Batyline AW is incredibly versatile, offering freedom in terms of shapes and dimensions for ceilings, walls and decorative panelling. It comes in modular wall and ceiling components and (using frames, tiles or panels), large monolithic areas (using Batyline Silcord laced tensioning system or spring tensioning system), or 3D elements (such as shade sails and baffles). It is light and flexible enough to create slopes and curves, complex shapes and unsupported spans of up to 300m. It can also be used for room dividers and even for window blinds. Light fittings and vents can be added before, during or after the installation of the Batyline AW panels simply by cutting holes into the fabric. Batyline AW is manufactured in such a way that the panels will keep their shape after alteration.

The way in which Batyline AW achieves efficient absorption throughout the sound frequency range means it is uniquely suited to noisy environments such as restaurants, offices and lecture rooms. Its ability to absorb low frequencies also meets the requirements of buildings including sports halls and other multipurpose halls. Its resistance to humidity and micro-organisms means it can be used for swimming pools and other humid areas, too.

“Batyline AW membrane absorbs ‘bad’ noise such as high-pitched sounds, echoes, and reverberation, while retaining the buzz and ambience of the space,” says Collins.

Installation is fast, tidy and non-invasive. “We can install Batyline AW in a restaurant in the morning and the restaurant can be up and running for dinner guests that evening,” she adds.

Apart from freedom in form and design, Batyline AW also offers architects, interior designers and contractors unlimited creativity in terms of colour. Its range of colours includes eight Pantone colours.