Your guests will love this vegetarian stir fry – and remember, if you’d like to amp up the flavour you can add chilli, fish sauce, toasted nuts and basil. This recipe for Asian Stir Fry uses Marvello Multi-Purpose Fat Spread. To find out more about the ingredient, click here to watch a video from RCL Foods’ Chef Brad Kavanagh.

Asian Stir Fry


1,2kg Egg Noodles
3It Water
A pinch of Salt


  • Place water in a pot and bring to a boil.
  • Place noodles inside a boiling pot and cook for 7 minutes – strain.

Veg Medley

600g Onions, Chinese Style
50g Ginger, crushed
50g Garlic, crushed
600g Cabbage, sliced
600g Carrots, sliced
600g Peppers, sliced
600g Courgettes, sliced
200g Marvello Multi-Purpose Fat Spread
60g Coriander, chopped
100ml Soy Sauce
50g Sesame Seeds, lightly toasted


  • Cook the following veg until tender yet crunch to the bite with Marvella Multi-purpose Fat Spread and below seasoning
  • Fry onions with carrots, ginger and seasoning
  • Fry peppers with courgettes with soy and sesame
  • Fry cabbage with seasoning
  • Toss all together with noodles, coriander and toasted sesame

To increase depths of flavour, chilli, fish sauce, basil or toasted nuts can be added. If vegetarian option – omit fish sauce.

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