2023 will mark the start of a year for more connections for ANEW Hotels & Resorts. On the verge of announcing its 16th, the brand aims to become South Africa’s leading hotel group by spanning all nine provinces. The success of ANEW stems from their commitment to being a company that is for its people, ensuring that employees develop their skills and further advance their careers.

A family-like atmosphere and attention to detail are firmly rooted in employees who pride themselves on providing a truly personalised service through its HITEC values (Honour, Integrity, Teamwork, Excellence and Courage) to their guests.

Considering the harsh effect the pandemic had on businesses across the country, the group soldiered on and grew its portfolio from three to a staggering fifteen properties within three years. ANEW’s Sales and Marketing Director, Alan Campbell, says 2023 will be the test of what the group is about. “ANEW Hotels & Resorts has been slamming its own records year-on-year since 2019. We are spending a lot of time preparing for 2023. This year was a recovery year and we recovered beyond our expectations. 2023 is a return to normalcy for us – which is to say, a return to our norm of striving to be better, with more value and even better guest experiences.”

According to Alan, the new year will be marked by three important elements: “It will be a year of building connections: connecting with other brands in innovative and technology-driven ways, by connecting with clients and employees in meaningful ways that enhance their day-to-day experience of ANEW, and connecting to the international travel market in a way that opens up our incredible country to a vast global audience.  “We’re going through some stats at the moment, and we have seen a 340% growth in traffic and engagement from foreign countries which is very exciting for us ahead of 2023. We’re looking to connect to more channels from around the world, from loyalty programmes, to new distribution partners that we are now beginning to attract as we grow to a critical mass.”

ANEW’s Director of People, Culture, and Development, Kevin Burley says culture and its people are fundamental aspects of the group. He shares his sentiments and vision: “Personally, for me, I’m excited about 2023, after two years of disruption and the unknown, it does appear that things are settling down, and becoming “normal” as we move forward as a company. The thought of concentrating on people and culture is motivating as we aim to repair the negative impact of the last few years and make a real positive difference in the people space.”

Kevin adds: “It has always been our aim to focus on our ‘family’ with growing and developing future leaders. We are building a brand-new team: HR and Development specialists who will support us as we move forward to achieving our goals.”

ANEW has ambitions of reaching 2000 rooms in 2023 and to further expand its footprint to the Free State, Eastern Cape, and Northern Cape. This, Alan says, is to showcase the many things South Africa has to offer. “We have a vision of going global, but in a South African context.”

Here’s to 2023! 

About ANEW Hotels & Resorts

ANEW Hotels & Resorts has evolved as a family business started in 1952. Family culture and attention to detail are firmly grounded in its people, and the group prides itself on the personal touch. The ANEW Hotel & Resorts Group owns and manages various properties in South Africa, with a vision to grow the brand by acquiring additional properties and management contracts in strategic locations.

The brand has managed to achieve incredible growth over the past two years, in the midst of a pandemic, and continues to look for opportunities to provide premier products for local and international business and leisure market segments throughout the country. They conduct their business within legal and ethical parameters and strive to provide customers with world-class service.

ANEW Hotels & Resorts received The Inspiration Award at Africa’s Travel Indaba 2022 as the organisation that has for the past two years inspired Africa’s travel Indaba community by the way in which they have challenged the odds to rise up and shine. Visit https://anewhotels.com/ for more information.