The Heirloom Cocoa Preservation Fund (HCP) has designated the cocoa trees of Tujikomboe Farmers Group in Tanzania as Heirloom, making AFRIKOA the first African chocolate to be made with heirloom cocoa beans. Tujikomboe is only the 14th in the world and the first in Africa to receive this prestigious designation.

AFRIKOA’s relationship with Tujikomboe Farmers Group started 3 years ago when head chocolate-maker, Antonino Allegra visited their farm in search of the best cocoa beans for AFRIKOA chocolate. After tasting the complex fruity notes, he realized there was something very special about their cocoa beans and immediately established direct trade with Tujikomboe.

What is Heirloom Cocoa?

Heirloom cocoa beans are the diamonds of cocoa — rare cocoa trees and beans endowed with a combination of historic, cultural, botanical, geographical, and most importantly flavour value. They are the foundation of the best tasting chocolate. Heirloom beans have terrific overall balance — complex and intense, long and pleasant — and unique flavour.

Afrikoa 70% Dark Chocolate Flavour Profile

While Tujikomboe’s cocoa beans are used in AFRIKOA’s entire range of chocolate, the Heirloom flavours are most prominent in the fruity 70% dark chocolate.  The HCP’s International Tasting Panel had the following to say:  Immediate presence of a rich chocolate note with an early fruit acidity presence following the chocolate blending in tart fresh fruits—citrus and tropical—a note that will persist throughout the flavour profile.

The Heirloom Cocoa Preservation Fund

Launched in 2012 in partnership with the USDA and the Fine Chocolate Industry Association, the Heirloom Cocoa Preservation Fund (HCP) formed in response to the global pressures of environmental change, deforestation, and economic influences threatening the world’s supply of high quality, flavourful cocoa. Recognizing these endangered cocoa trees are the foundation for not only delicious chocolate, but also the livelihood of many farmers and farming communities, the HCP is the first initiative to identify and map the world of high quality, flavour cocoa and certify growers of these endangered trees. As a non-profit organization, the HCP is committed to improving the lives of the farmers who assist us in protecting and preserving cocoa diversity and the chocolate they produce.

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