If your hotel welcomes all guests, including the elderly, young, or less mobile, then you’ll want to make sure that your bathroom is suitable for them.

Bathroom solution specialists More Ability discuss the ways in which you can ensure your bathroom is safe for all guests. What you may find surprising is that it’s just small details and changes that need to be made in order to transform a bathroom into a place that’s both accessible and stylish.

Switch Tiles for Vinyl

The sheer variety of bathroom tiles on offer, often makes them the first choice for anyone looking to redecorate, but it’s not the only option.

Vinyl – whether laminate or anti-slip – is much safer, helping to prevent trips and falls as it’s less slippery. Of course, you can purchase non-slip bathmats and rugs too, for extra precaution. Plus, vinyl is a typically warmer flooring, which is seen as a bonus by many people.

The great news for hotels is that vinyl flooring is maintenance-free and doesn’t need grouting, so you won’t need to spend quite as long cleaning as you would if you had tiles!

Whilst in the past, vinyl flooring may have looked clinical and cold; designs really have come a long way, and you can choose from a range of colours and textures. The end result? A stylish bathroom that’s suitable for all guests.

Install a Detachable Shower Head

For guests with mobility issues, or those who struggle to stand for long periods of time, a detachable shower head can prove to be invaluable. This means that an elderly guest staying at your establishment is able to wash whilst sitting down in the shower.

Place Items Within Easy Reach

Having a shelf in the shower within arm’s length makes it easier for guests to reach shampoo, conditioner and shower gel easily, eliminating the risk of leaning over and falling. When installing shelving, instead of opting for suction cups, mount them on the wall instead – otherwise they could fall off and harm someone.

Light up the Way

Whilst you may have the lighting covered in the bathroom, have you considered whether the lighting is adequate in the hallway? For example, if you there are children staying, they may need to go to the bathroom in the night. Lighting up the route will help them to find their way better, reducing the risk of them falling over and hurting themselves.

Purchase a Raised Toilet Seat

Higher toilet seats make it much easier for guests with disabilities to lower themselves on to – it’s recommended that toilets be between 17-19 inches high. If you can’t afford to replace every single toilet, that doesn’t matter. Instead, you can purchase a much more cost-effective raised toilet seat to increase the height. Just don’t forget to move the toilet paper holder to an accessible height that’s easily reachable.

Having an accessible bathroom for everyone means that you can accommodate all guests. Amending your bathrooms to make them accessible for all guests doesn’t need to cost a fortune. These five tips are simple, and can be easily implemented, but will make a world of difference to children, the elderly, and those less mobile who are coming to stay at your establishment.