Saahirah Ismail chats with Chef Amori Burger about what inspired Upper Union, her vibrant new shared-dining experience on buzzing Kloof Street in Cape Town.

On the 19th of December 2022, the gorgeous new restaurant of Upper Union opened its doors in the vibrant foodie hub of Kloof Street and serves up a modern, shared-dining concept that explores and highlights flavours from around the world creatively formulated by the enthusiastic Chef Amori Burger.

Chef Amori Burger is a talented and passionate chef that was previously based in Johannesburg and cooked her way through restaurants like Van der Linde and MORE Family Collection’s Lion Sands properties. She gushes about her experience in Johannesburg and how it has shaped who she is as a chef and creator today and how it has inspired some of her dishes on the Upper Union menu. Chef Amori Burger grew up in a typical Afrikaans family household and was always surrounded by delicious food, love and sharing that experience with family and friends being the centre of it all. This certainly comes through in her style of cooking and the dining concept for Upper Union that “encourages a shared dining experience”, says Burger.

Sharing a meal you’ve made is a beautiful way to show your love and Chef Amori firmly believes this and enforces it in her dining style. “I want diners to feel as if they are at a dinner party at my house”, expresses Burger. The seasonal chef’s shared menu is “inspired by the finest produce of the season” and the flavours, textures, and pairings express this effortlessly. If family-style is not your style there is the option to order the smaller, individual dishes and indulge in the “Seasonal Chef’s Small Plates” and still enjoy the experience of Upper Union. The menu also offers intriguingly beautiful and light desserts to finish off your culinary experience the right way.

Chef Amori Burger promises “punches of flavour” from the second her diners walk in, and boy does she deliver on flavour. From the flaky house bread that will have you placing weekly orders for collection to an intriguing summer soup with toasted almonds and the sweetest local grapes, not to mention hearty mains plated to perfection that bring so much nostalgia to the palate. Chef Amori speaks about the experience of a typical Sunday family lunch and never leaving without something packed away in a lunch box for later and this is exactly what she wants and most definitely delivers on with her generous portions. She loves to feed people and she does it exceptionally well.

At Upper Union flavour is not only found along the pass but also behind the bar. Expect the unexpected with their signature cocktails that are expertly curated to match the food menu. The Absolut Blu “Sable Highball” with lemongrass Saki and sesame oil is a beautiful combination of flavours that dance on the tongue. Whereas the thirst-quenching “Cape to Casablanca” is a much lighter choice that almost feels like a health drink, with a splash of alcohol of course, and Upper Union’s mixologist, George Hunter of Copper Monkey says it can certainly be enjoyed without the alcohol. You are spoilt for choice at Upper Union and cannot help but feel inspired by the surroundings, the people and the beautiful food that is created.

Moving forward, Chef Amori Burger wants Upper Union to be an unforgettable experience for diners and a place that leaves a mark in the hearts of every person that walks through its doors, “a place to encourage connection and spark curiosity”. Burger also hopes that Upper Union will be a space where the chefs and mixologists behind the curtains can grow, share their ideas, and watch them become a reality. With Chef Amori Burger and her team’s love and passion for what they do, Upper Union is one to explore this year and take yourself and your loved ones on an exciting culinary journey like no other!

Address: 3 Upper Union Street, Cape Town
Tel: +2721 891 0360
Email: reservations@upperunion.co.za
Dineplan: https://www.dineplan.com/restaurants/upper-union-restaurant

Website: upperunion.co.za

Facebook: @Upper Union

Instagram: @upperunion_restaurant