23 experts, which include a group of five birders, meteorologists and a geomorphologist, are soon to spend 13 months on Marion Island studying the area and its wildlife. This will be the 74th Marion Island expedition, but this trip is going to be fuelled with a supply of Boston Breweries’ hoppy Rock Hoppa beer.

So why this particular beer? There’s a fantastic synergy between the beer and the expedition that might not be evident at first glance. Rock Hoppa beer has Rocky the Northern Rockhopper Penguin as its ambassador  and R1 from each bottle of Rock Hoppa beer sold goes to SANCCOB.  And what are some of the experts on Marion Island going to be studying? None other than the Rockhopper penguins that call the island home.

When Jacqui Barlow, marketing manager of Boston Breweries, heard from Michelle Risi, one of the brave Marion Island potential castaways about the pending trip, she was immediately enthralled by the potential synergy. Michelle is thrilled: “The wildlife studies of seabirds and seals have been running for decades and are some of the longest running studies in the world. A year in isolation is tough, but we all love the work we do as well as the fact that we are part of the very small group of people that are fortunate enough to visit this remote island.”

And will Rock Hoppa Craft Beer assist with those long days away? “Definitely! As you can imagine we have to make our own fun after long work hours, and a supply of great beer will definitely go a long way to bring excitement to birthday parties, not to mention the mid-winter celebrations which are a huge deal on the Southern Ocean Islands.”