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Well hello, delicious! Mason’s range of cocktail spritzers has four yummy variants – Moscow Mule, Cuban Mojito, Grand Cosmo and Pina Colada. The ready-to-drink, wine-based spritzers are a South African first and each cocktail is a refreshingly different take on a classic cocktail.


Cuban Mojito is an infusion of lime and mint flavours, best served on ice with a sprig of mint, while Moscow Mule combines a kick of fiery ginger with a dash of lime juice, best served on ice with a slice of fresh lime. Grand Cosmo is a blend of fresh cranberry, orange and lime flavours, ideally served on the rocks with a twist of orange peel, and Piña Colada is a tropical mix of coconut and pineapple, best served on ice with a wedge of pineapple.


“Flavoured Alcoholic Beverages (FABs) is the fastest growing category globally within alcoholic beverages after cider, with this rapid growth indicating strong demand by millennials for beverages with more premium, natural and fruity tastes,” says Original Mason’s co-founder, Sol Bezuidenhout.


You’ll find Mason’s cocktail spritzers at TOPS at Spar stores across the Western Cape, and they retail for R98 for 4. www.drinkmasons.com